الخميس، 22 أغسطس 2013

When I Was A Child

I always hear people saying that they want to return children or smaller again because life was easier in that time. Let us think about it or let us imagine ourselves children right now.  Imagine yourself a child again and playing with your toys. Your mother invites a little kid to play with you and your toys. You are so in love with your toys, every toy has a special place in your heart. The kid comes to you and asks you to play with your own toys. You accept the request because you know that if you don’t your mother won’t let you. Suddenly, you noticed that your toy was broken! What is your response to this? Remember you are a child again. This is a big problem to you; you will start crying and you will be heart broken. You will hate this kid and you will not give him any of your toys again. I know you are just a kid and that is okay but in that time it was not okay. Don’t think about it with your thinking nowadays. Every problem you see it now small when you were facing it as a child it was a big problem to you. What I’m saying is every age has problems, consequences and a way of living. You can’t say life before was easier because also this time will be the past in the future; I guaranty that you will remember this time, and you will say I was having an easy life. My advise to you is to enjoy the present without thinking about the past. Enjoy every single second like it’s your last

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  1. Im in love with ur posts !!
    Keep going !
    Dont stop ever!
    The best post when i was a child <3

    1. Thank you very much! I will keep on going ;D
      Glad you like it! looking forward to write more;)