الأربعاء، 21 أغسطس 2013

A Small Café

When I was in a small café at   the airport alone, I noticed everyone is busy with his own business. Some of them are careless, useless and not taking this life seriously. Some of them are so excited to travel to a place where they don’t know what this place is hiding for them. Some of them are traveling for business. While me my target was arriving to the other country safely. It’s my first experience that I travel alone. I always wanted to try it and finally I did it when I was not expecting it at all.

It is something new to me. As I always say, “I don’t like the routine, I always want to try new things”. It went pretty great! I liked it and I enjoyed every single second sited alone watching people around me. The very important thing that I noticed is being alone is useful for oneself. I know maybe you will say is she talking seriously? Or is she crazy? Sitting alone is boring and company is important. My respond is true but being alone is also very important. Having a time for you and only you is important. Sometimes you don’t need anyone; you just need yourself. The problem is not everyone is aware of what I’m saying or not everyone knows when is the time that requires being alone. Sometimes the problem is you and only you can solve it by staying alone, thinking about it and clearing your mind. It’s up to you to choose but think about it first

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