الأربعاء، 21 أغسطس 2013

The Sea Experience

While I was siting alone watching the sea and the sunrise, I imagined something different in my head. I imagined that I’d be siting, staring at the sea, listening to some music and enjoying the weather in a calm way. Now let me explain to you what really happened with me. I went to the sea and I took my headphone, phone and my laptop with me. I picked a spot and while I was sited alone, I noticed a bug was flying; I skipped it and continued my fantasy. Then I spotted a bug on my hand so I shacked my hand then it was gone. After a while I felt that every single part of my body were itching me. I noticed more of flies all around me. Then I moved to another spot. Every fly was flying after me. I stayed in a good spot and I ignored the flies. While I was listening to the voice of the waves when I was so close, the voice scared me. It’s sounded like someone is shouting in a scary voice. I couldn’t live my fantasy at all; everything went the opposite. I spotted also an aunt that went beside me. Well I admit I get scared easily but I want to share something maybe we ignore it sometimes. Not everything will happen like what you imagined especially the moments that we prepare ourselves a lot to be ready for it. After all I will not tell you that I didn’t enjoy everything. I enjoyed the weather, looking at a great father who was swimming and his family with him and I enjoyed the amazing sunrise. How Allah is able to do everything. Again not everything will go like what we expected but it will go in a way that you will learn something new from it. Try to enjoy every moment no matter what will happen. Moments are unrepeated.

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