الخميس، 29 أغسطس 2013

People Do Change

 Can you ask yourself a question now do you think you are the same person who was in ten or five years ago? Think about the answer. Of course you are not the same person because every year passes changes you. Every year comes with new problems, new plans and new people.

I will talk about two factors that affect your life and changes you. I'll begin with the main factor that may change you. Every person enters your life may change you. You may learn something new from this person that develops you to be a better person or the opposite. As I always said, “it’s all about you, you are the one who can choose to learn the good thing or the bad”. Now let us return to the main topic which is people who enters your life may affect and change your life. The second factor that I’ll talk about is the problems that you face and the situations that you’ve been through. Every problem that you faced, you learned something new from it that changed you. The more problems you face, the stronger you get and this is changing. The more situations you are in, the more knowledge you can gain! And having more knowledge is also changing. The thing that we conclude here is changing is happening no matter how hard we tried not to. Changing is good and a must; you are growing up then you are changing. Don’t try to always be the same because it’s wrong! Always try to develop yourself. Learn new stuff and gain new knowledge. Every thing in life changes us, but the smart person who can use this changing for his own good. Choosing the best to be a better person. Take what’s important and leave what’s wrong. Finally, yes people do change and that’s fine because you’re one of them and you are changing too in 
every second passing in your life.

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