الخميس، 29 أغسطس 2013

People Do Change

 Can you ask yourself a question now do you think you are the same person who was in ten or five years ago? Think about the answer. Of course you are not the same person because every year passes changes you. Every year comes with new problems, new plans and new people.

I will talk about two factors that affect your life and changes you. I'll begin with the main factor that may change you. Every person enters your life may change you. You may learn something new from this person that develops you to be a better person or the opposite. As I always said, “it’s all about you, you are the one who can choose to learn the good thing or the bad”. Now let us return to the main topic which is people who enters your life may affect and change your life. The second factor that I’ll talk about is the problems that you face and the situations that you’ve been through. Every problem that you faced, you learned something new from it that changed you. The more problems you face, the stronger you get and this is changing. The more situations you are in, the more knowledge you can gain! And having more knowledge is also changing. The thing that we conclude here is changing is happening no matter how hard we tried not to. Changing is good and a must; you are growing up then you are changing. Don’t try to always be the same because it’s wrong! Always try to develop yourself. Learn new stuff and gain new knowledge. Every thing in life changes us, but the smart person who can use this changing for his own good. Choosing the best to be a better person. Take what’s important and leave what’s wrong. Finally, yes people do change and that’s fine because you’re one of them and you are changing too in 
every second passing in your life.

الاثنين، 26 أغسطس 2013

ما المغزى من حلم في المنام...

حلم يراودني في منامي ..

 لا أعلم ماذا يخبىء لي

من أين أتى؟ .. متى سينتهي؟

حلم جميل أتمنى تحقيقه ..

حلم لا يحبذه قلبي فأتمنى محوه ..

أصحى من نومي متسائله .. هل هذه حقيقه؟

أم هذا فقط حلم كالأحلام الفائته؟

لا تلوموني بسؤالي .. فإن أحلامي لا أستطيع أن أميز بين حقيقتها و عدم واقعيتها!

أصحى و أفكر بحلمي الجميل فاتحسر بأنه حلم عابر ..

و أصحى و أفكر بحلمي الكئيب فأحمد ربي أنه حلم فائت ..

لا أعلم ما المغزى من حلم في المنام.. لكن عسى أن يجعله الله خير لي!

الأحد، 25 أغسطس 2013

My Best Friend

I will start by telling you a short story about a friend of mine, who’s one of a kind and I appreciate her being in my life. I never thought that someday I’d find someone like her. Actually, she’s the one who asked me to write a story to motivate you about being positive in your life. She doesn’t know that I’ll be writing about her because every word she was  telling me about was defining her!

Let me begin the story..

When I was young in the first year of high school. I noticed a girl who was siting in front of me in the class. She had her own glow with her great smile. As everyone knows that the first year in high school is little tough because you will face new life, new students and new beginning. The subjects are harder and everything will be different. I was afraid of how I’m going to face all of this. Let me continue the story, during the class, I couldn’t read what was written on the board so I asked the girl who was in front of me. She looked at me with a simple smile that tells you “Everything going to be okay”. I smiled back and I asked her on what was written on the board. She answered me with respect and I thanked her. From that day she became my friend and not just a friend a close one. She was a very positive person. She has her own way of dealing with stuff. She liked reading books a lot. While me I never imagined myself reading a book at all. I became from the honored students because of her. I learned something very important from her is that if you want something you can do it no matter what. You just have to know what you can do to accomplish it. You must be a positive person and believe that you can do it. Never forget to trust Allah and to believe that no matter what happen “Khirah from Allah” something good for you from Allah. Allah knows what is the best for you so don’t rush anything just be thankful. For example, if you want to be honored student then you should take high grades. If you want high grades then you should study hard. Studying hard needs the will! The will comes from you. You are the one who can do whatever you want, so it depends on you. Everything I told you about is learned from this great friend. I learned another thing is reading books. One day the school did a tour for the honored students to the bookshop, so my friend started buying several kinds of books. I was staring at her and how she was so excited. She asked me “you will not buy any of these books?” I answered her with “ I never read a book before but let me see what you have collected”. I bought an interesting book but I knew deep inside me that I’d not read it. When we were done with the tour and the school, I returned home with the new book. Before sleeping I opened the book to take a look, I read a few pages. I was shocked of myself! I actually liked reading the book. Nowadays, reading is one of my hobbies and I’m writing my own pages! Can you imagine that? All of this goes back to this great friend. I became a very positive person. I learned to be thankful and no matter what Allah is there for me and will lead me to a bright future. I became more successful and useful. The point of this whole story is that you must choose your friends wisely because they affect your life for sure. You must choose the positive people and be apart from the negative ones. The positive people will bring the positivity to your life while the negative ones will bring the negativity instead. You can also try your best to be example of the positivity for the negative people to see how successful you are and get affected with your positivity.

I thank this special friend for everything and may all her wishes in this life come true. She deserves happiness!

السبت، 24 أغسطس 2013

يومي الجديد

استيقظت من نومي مسرعه..

لأبدأ يومي الجديد.. ماذا يخبىء لي هذا اليوم؟

من سيشاركني قضاء يومي هذا؟

من سأصادف؟ و من سيدخل يومي ليكون صديق جديد؟

لم أكن أعلم أن قضاء هذا اليوم ممكن أن يكون أسرع من دقات قلبي التي تلهفت لبدءه ..

لم أكن أدرك أن الساعات في هذا اليوم أصبحت دقائق و الدقائق أصبحت ثواني..

كيف مر بهذه السرعه؟

كيف لم اشعر بمروره؟

هل هذا بسبب سعادتي المفرطه به.. فلم أشعر بوجوده؟

نعم! كيف لي أن أشعر بمروره و أنا قد انشغلت بمن شاركني به..

كيف لي أن أشعر بمروره و أنا كنت أقضيه بسعادتي مع من حولي..

كيف لي أن أشعر به.. و أنا استيقظت مسرعه لاكتشف سره ..

و أيقنت أن من أراد الاستمتاع بيومه ..

تركيزه على من حوله يجب أن يكون أكبر من يومه!


سألت صديقي عن الخيال ...

هل يا ترى هناك جمال في الخيال؟

انتظرت إجابته و سرحت قليلا بتفكيري..

عجبا! قد وجدت نفسي أدخل لعالم الخيال الذي كنت أتساءل عنه، كيف دخلت لعالم لم أطرق بابه أولا؟

هل الخيال بلا أبواب؟

يرحب بكل من سرح بتفكيره و تاه؟

أم أنا من أراد الدخول فطرقت الباب بلا شعور؟

لم أرى عالم بهذا الجمال .. بجمال أنا ابتكرته و أبدعته

عالم أساسه أنا و من أهتم له ..

عالم لا يوجد به سواي و جمالا أحلم به ..

لا يدخله سوى أنا و من أريد ..

لا أحد يدركه.. أنا أشكله كيفما أشاء

نعم.. جميل هو الخيال ... 

و لكن هل سيصبح الخيال جزء من واقعي الآن؟
الإجابه بيدي أنا لأختار ...


I ’m a precise person and I like my stuff to be kept the way I kept them, so let me tell you a situation that happened with me before. When I was young in the high school days and I was sitting in the class. My friend came to me; she started talking about a serious subject. While she was talking, she opened my pencil case and started to take every pencil inside the case of mine to play with it or to write random stuff on my paper. She did it like nothing was wrong and it was okay with her like a normal attitude. While at the same time it was not ok with me, I hated her attitude and I wanted her to leave. I couldn’t concentrate on her subject; my mind was focused on her hand and how it was okay with her to play with my stuff. How she was concentrating on the subject that she was telling and ignoring what she was doing with her hand. I watched her silently and like I was focused on the subject that she was talking about. When she was done with the subject, she didn’t put everything back where it was. I got angry! I couldn’t believe that it was really okay with her. After this situation, I learned a very important thing is that every person has a different personality than the other. In the previous situation it was okay with her and she didn’t feel that what she did is wrong. While for me it was not okay and I was getting angry of her attitude. My personality is different than hers; imagine if I got angry on her attitude that it was normal for her. She will be like I didn’t do anything wrong? And that’s true because I judged her on my personality not hers. The point is don’t judge people on your personality. You must see them through their personalities and accept that everyone is different than the other. Learn from the other person no matter how the personality differs from you.

الخميس، 22 أغسطس 2013

When I Was A Child

I always hear people saying that they want to return children or smaller again because life was easier in that time. Let us think about it or let us imagine ourselves children right now.  Imagine yourself a child again and playing with your toys. Your mother invites a little kid to play with you and your toys. You are so in love with your toys, every toy has a special place in your heart. The kid comes to you and asks you to play with your own toys. You accept the request because you know that if you don’t your mother won’t let you. Suddenly, you noticed that your toy was broken! What is your response to this? Remember you are a child again. This is a big problem to you; you will start crying and you will be heart broken. You will hate this kid and you will not give him any of your toys again. I know you are just a kid and that is okay but in that time it was not okay. Don’t think about it with your thinking nowadays. Every problem you see it now small when you were facing it as a child it was a big problem to you. What I’m saying is every age has problems, consequences and a way of living. You can’t say life before was easier because also this time will be the past in the future; I guaranty that you will remember this time, and you will say I was having an easy life. My advise to you is to enjoy the present without thinking about the past. Enjoy every single second like it’s your last