السبت، 24 أغسطس 2013


I ’m a precise person and I like my stuff to be kept the way I kept them, so let me tell you a situation that happened with me before. When I was young in the high school days and I was sitting in the class. My friend came to me; she started talking about a serious subject. While she was talking, she opened my pencil case and started to take every pencil inside the case of mine to play with it or to write random stuff on my paper. She did it like nothing was wrong and it was okay with her like a normal attitude. While at the same time it was not ok with me, I hated her attitude and I wanted her to leave. I couldn’t concentrate on her subject; my mind was focused on her hand and how it was okay with her to play with my stuff. How she was concentrating on the subject that she was telling and ignoring what she was doing with her hand. I watched her silently and like I was focused on the subject that she was talking about. When she was done with the subject, she didn’t put everything back where it was. I got angry! I couldn’t believe that it was really okay with her. After this situation, I learned a very important thing is that every person has a different personality than the other. In the previous situation it was okay with her and she didn’t feel that what she did is wrong. While for me it was not okay and I was getting angry of her attitude. My personality is different than hers; imagine if I got angry on her attitude that it was normal for her. She will be like I didn’t do anything wrong? And that’s true because I judged her on my personality not hers. The point is don’t judge people on your personality. You must see them through their personalities and accept that everyone is different than the other. Learn from the other person no matter how the personality differs from you.

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  1. they says every person is unique coz we have different attitude...but we learn from others of what they have...keep up a good writer of thoughts im so proud of u habibti athoub.....

    1. Thank you very much !! I appreciate it and I wiill inshallah;D