الثلاثاء، 12 نوفمبر 2013

One Day I Got A Friend The Next Day I Don’t

Let’s begin with a short story to tell …

She cared and shared ..
She cried and laughed ..
She helped me and smiled ..
She kept me near for a while. And then she got bored.
Yes she changed..

Do I know the reason?
Unfortunately, I don’t! She just walked away with a simple goodbye!

My head was full of questions and I couldn’t sleep at night. I thought I’m the reason and don’t blame me for that. I couldn’t find any reason for what happened with me in that time. I just stayed at that spot thinking of a way to bring her back. My dear friend why you left me? Her answer was cold and cannot be understood. I promised myself from that day I’d have me by my side.  I will not trust anyone other than my parents and I; you can’t blame me for that because my dear friend was gone.

Wait! I didn’t tell you something that I got. My dear friend gave me a present that I’m so happy with. She gave me a lesson and an experience to tell. My present will be better from that day and on. I learned I should be careful with anyone I meet. Not anyone will deserve and appreciate me like my parents and I. People will come and people will go. My heart will not be able to handle all the people that enter my life. You’re welcome to come and welcome to go! I wont stop you from now on because I got myself pushing me toward. I don’t need anyone who will come and leave whenever he\she can, but now I don’t mind because I got myself again pushing me toward.

Thank you my old friend, 

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