الثلاثاء، 5 نوفمبر 2013

Can Anyone Affect Your Opinion?

This topic is a little bit different than my previous subjects. I will not begin with a story or a situation to tell. I’ll start with a question to think of: Do you have a person who can easily change your opinion about anything?

Do you have this person no matter how close she\he is but he\she can change your mind about a subject, which you were very convinced with?
Think about the reasons why he\she can change your 
opinion easily…

 If you ask me what are the reasons, I’ll tell you that there are two qualities in this person that differs him from others. There are two qualities that make him so special even if he\she is not a close friend. Look here I’m not talking about a friend of yours or a close one; I’m talking about any person even if you met him for the first time. He\she can change your mind if they have these two qualities. The first quality is choosing the right words with the right concatenation. They have this great dictionary in their minds, maybe because their experiences in life or they inherit it from their parents. They can choose the right words easily and makes you think! If you have this quality, you got half of the talent of changing anyone’s opinion. The second quality is the attitude or their way of speaking. Not anyone can have this quality; it’s really a special talent and if you have it, you must be thankful for it. What is the profit of having the words without the attitude? You can’t get anyone’s attention without the way of speaking. You must first respect, listen, and understand whom you’re talking to. Second you should choose your words wisely and then start telling your opinion with a respectful attitude. Trust me I’ve been through many experiences, the people who got these two qualities they got the key to anyone’s opinion. 

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